So I may have been neglecting this blog for a bit of time, so my apologies for those interested in knowing what has been going on. I’ve moved out of my parents finally, and am now living in the city and could not be happier for all of the new discoveries, adventures, and friends made. But, I think I’m going to keep this short for today and give more details in next weeks to follow so….. I have been invited back to do SPOKE, the architectural bike tour of the city for STL Design Week. So I have been busy coordinating new tour locations and a new route to keep things fresh for this year. We will have a large support group from the landscape architects so we are getting really excited for it already.

A Friday at 4 o'clock, just getting some work done.

A Friday at 4 o’clock, just getting some work done.

I’m still working for a small and rapidly growing residential firm in town called Jeff Day & Associates. We just added our 8th man and have nearly 90 projects on the books for this year which range in size from small additions to several thousand square feet. I have been doing a lot more project management and design work as the pace has really picked up.

I am still highly involved in Design Speak, and we have started a champagne called #stl365  to begin highlighting local venues on a bi-weekly basis to show just how many resources there are in St. Louis for design professionals to utilize.

Also staying involved with YAFSTL as we have been doing a lot of great lectures and tours such as the airport tour and a lecture from Eric Hoffman about the addition to the St. Louis Art Museum, which opened less than 2 weeks ago (if you are in St. Louis I would recommend you come and check it out). We also organized a brief 6 week basics class on REVIT 101 to help those out of work and those looking to sharpen their skills with the program.

At the MS150 last year.

At the MS150 last year.

The last and final thing that some of you might know is that I have gotten really into cycling after doing SPOKE last year. In the process of searching for architects on bikes I found a team called Untitled by Design and they offered to help out. They then also invited me out to ride with them one day and one thing led to another…. I rode my first century (100 miles) after 3 months of training at the MS150. This year I returned as one of the captains for the team and I feel very honored after only ridden for a year to be put in this position.

For anybody looking for more info on what’s going on you can always find me on twitter or instagram. If you are looking for ways to get involved in the St. Louis design community or cycling shoot me an email and I will be happy to respond and share any information I have.


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