About Me

My name is Nicholas Kreitler and I am a young architect, recent graduate of Kansas State University, and avid traveler. Recently started working for a small but amazing office and continuing to keep busy with commitments to various design oriented groups throughout St. Louis. I volunteer with Habitat for Humanity, involved with the Young Architects Forum, the local AIA chapter, and proudly contributing to Design Week 2012 for the city of St. Louis, in addition to a team member of Design Speak.

It’s strange to think that I never wanted to return to St. Louis after I graduated from school, but when I moved back I became connected with the city and with everything that is happening, and I could not be happier. It is tough for a lot of recent graduates, and we have all heard the stories before so I will not bore you with mine.

I have done a bit of traveling through a study abroad, a lot of student projects, and built a few the summer following graduation. I enjoy architecture, taking on new challenges, sharing ideas, and always looking for a new opportunity. Music is a big motivator, I have a way of watching the hours fly by with good music and a project at hand. Stay tuned, I tend to surprise myself on an almost daily basis.

If you would like to contact me I can be reached by email at nick.kreitler@gmail.com or by following me on twitter: @Archncik


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